Catch Up – Up Date

Doing a quick catch-up on the Blog tonight.

Monday after work (evening) I tilled the garden with my new mini tiller and it did a GREAT job. I think I have a handle on how to use it now. “Practice makes perfect” as they say.

After tilling around the vegetables I tilled a large empty section; getting it ready to plant the corn and green beans. There’s a few patches of Bermuda grass so I really dug into that to get rid of it.

On Tuesday I used the leaf rake to gather up the loose dried Bemuda grass that was on top of the ground. I used my Dad’s planter and planted 5 rows of Blue Lake green beans and 4 rows of Peaches and Cream corn. I gave the seeds some City water, but I really wish it would rain on them.

This evening I sprinkled the corn and bean seeds with 10-20-10 fertilizer and gave them a good drink of City water. To encourage the carrots I sprinkled them also and gave them a good drink. Ah..fingers still crossed that they’ll come up.

Here is a picture of my celery I’m still growing in my kitchen window.  I took this picture Sunday, April 22.


4 responses to “Catch Up – Up Date

  1. Good luck with your seeds. It is still to cold up here in New England to plant. Do you have any rain barrels? We put a small pump in our rain barrel, and it works great. Is your celery in water or soil? Thanks.

    • Hi Judy
      Rain barrels we don’t have any set out. It is a good idea, though I’m sure we don’t get as much rain as you do up there. I’ll consider getting one. Is your’s a plastic or metal barrel.
      My celery is in about a1/2″ of water. I’ve been refilling it every other day. I should get it in the ground but I’m contemplating on how I’m going to put something over it for protection. Birds and bunnies.

      • Our rain barrels (2) are plastic. We bought them from our Conservation District for $65. We’ve had them for about four years. I’ve also seen where you can make them yourself out of barrels that have been used for food (pickles, olives) – those we can buy for $25. I’m going to try the celery. Temps here dipped to low 30’s last night.

  2. It sounds like you will have a wonderful garden.

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