More Planting

I found this tonight in my Drafts.  I thought I had posted this.  I WILL learn to never Post after 10 p.m. and a LONG day.  :O)

Quick note:
Yesterday, April 28, 2012, I finally bought some yellow squash plants (4). I wasn’t sure if I wanted to grow any this year since we still have some in the freezer. I also bought a Roma tomato plant. (Impluse buy).

I felt bad about not getting Dad’s cantalopes in the ground so I planted them yesterday and the Roma. Will be getting the squash and watermelon plants in the ground later today.
We have 5 or 6 volunteer plants that have come up in the garden. Volunteer plants are plants that have just grown without you planting them. I’m not sure what they are.  Till today I was thinking they were cucumbers.  I just went out to take a couple of pictures to share and after comparing them to the new squash plants, I bought yesterday, I’ve changed my mind.  Now I know why I didn’t want to buy any squash plants.  Oh well, I just spent 88 cents on the 4 pk. I bought.
Here’s some pictures. Am I right?


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