Where’s the Rain

We’ve not had any rain in over two weeks.  I had to give the garden a good soaking Thursday.  While I was doing that I finally set out the yellow squash plants I’ve had for a wk. or more. (So lazy) Two of the volunteer squash plants have zucchini growing on them, but the vegetables are growing in a ball form.  The plants are blooming constantly; four or five blooms per plant.

I am hoping that this good soaking will help the green beans to start blooming. 

Here’s another pic of my “gee I’m so proud” potato plants.


2 responses to “Where’s the Rain

  1. Really great garden, I’ve been experimenting with the distance between each plant. So far I’m finding that if I plant a little closer than the seed package says to, maybe half the distance, it helps keep the grass and weeds down. That makes it a lot less work during the growing season. I picked up the idea from Square Foot Gardening, figured if it worked there why not here.

    • I can understand your grass problem. Right now there is grass growing between my onions. Each set is about 5″ apart and I don’t want to hoe them because I’m afraid of cutting the onions. I’m not one to get down on my knees and pull. I used to do that as a teenager and well, not now. :O) Good luck with your gardening!

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