Beautiful Sunday

How nice it is to get out at 7 a.m. and see the beginning of the day when you don’t have to go to work.  I saw a huge red headed woodpecker in front of the house; he sure makes a loud noise.  In the garden, a ruby throated hummingbird flew within a 2 feet of me looking for flowers.  The two little birds who have been eating the dewberries were out to greet me.  I was reading a post by a fellow Blogger about his morning yesterday and was inspired to write that this morning.

This morning I was out early to place the metal fence posts between the tomato plants.  I use these because they’re sturdy; no falling over.  My Dad made a “post slammer” out of a long piece of metal pipe (about 4 feet long) and welded the end with lots iron.  You place this over the end of the post and slam it into the ground. Such fun. UGH!  Now that that is done I have to find enough baleing twine to tie up the tomato plants.

It is looking like RAIN.  Could we be so lucky?


2 responses to “Beautiful Sunday

  1. I like reading about you and your Dad gardening together – probably because I enjoy gardening with my daughter. What do you have around your tomato plants? Are they regular pots you are using as collars? If so, great idea.

    • The rings around the tomato plants are made from plastic pickle buckets (like the ones that pickles come in for restraunts) My Dad cuts the bottoms off and cuts the bucket in half and you have 2 rings. When your plant is small you wedge this circle into the ground ’bout a 1/2″. This helps with watering espically in the summer months; the roots get good and soaked. I use these for everthing: tomatoes, cantalope, watermelons, cucumbers, squash, pepper plants. I could use some more right now.
      Thanks for reading. Last yrs. Blog had pics of Dad in it. He was alot more involved last yr than this. He had knee replacement a month ago.

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