Strange Zucchini

These cute round things came off of the volunteer plants in the garden that I guessed in a eariler post are squash. They look more like zucchini pumpkins. Has anyone had this happen before?
Oh and, those are my first Sweet Banana Peppers of the season.


5 responses to “Strange Zucchini

  1. So jealous you are harvesting produce already. In NH, we are thrilled to have plants in the ground. I think you have a hybrid – maybe you’ve got yourself a winner there.

  2. They look exactly like the pumpkins we grew last year. We planted really late, so they didn’t have enough time to ripen before Halloween.

    • Your volunteer seed was possibly from a hybrid zucchini. The seed from hybrids won’t produce a zucchini like its parent, but like one of its “grandparents.” So you may have some type of heirloom throwback. Very likely good to eat though!

      • Interesting. Every year I always have something come up that I didn’t plant but these eight squash plants are the first to acutally thrive. Both of the ones pictured came from different plants. I discovered today the aphids are infesting them and I need to get something on them before it’s too late.

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