Morning Gardening

Green Beans and Corn 6-17-12Morning sun on the green beans and corn.

I went out before breakfast and picked the green beans.  I didn’t get as many as the other day.  While I was in the garden I dug up two potato plants that had dried up. I got 4 big potatoes and a few medium sized.    I have one tomato that is just about vine ripe and I am dying to pick it.

My Dad will be home today from his Bluegrass Festival.  I hope I get the green beans canned before he arrives.

CornCobs6-17-12The corn ears are getting larger.  When do you know they’re ready to pick?  Last year my Dad took care of the corn so I didn’t pay any attention to the proper picking time.  Guess I could ask him when he gets home but, what do ya’ll think.?


3 responses to “Morning Gardening

  1. Garden looks great. I’ve never tried corn so will be interested to know when you are suppose to harvest.

    • Judy, My Dad says that the silks turn brown when the corn is ready. Most of the silks were lightly brown to begin with. He told me I could also pull back some of the husk and take a peek. I’ll be watering this evening since all the rain has gone around us this past week.

  2. Just pick the corn when you feel like the ears are big enough – you’ll be able to tell. Check out the corn at the grocery store and compare your ears to the ones in the store.

    Glad you’ve had a little rain – we’ve been teased but haven’t seen a drop in weeks!
    Enjoy life,

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