In The Garden

Quick post:
     I’ve picked 10 tomatoes so far but the plants are full.  I’m afraid to let them ripen fully on the vine because of the “sucky bugs” You know, the ones that suck the juice from the tomatoes.  I’ve no idea what they are. ? I dislike using it but I sprinkle Sevin Dust on the tomato plants. 
     I also picked 3 more bell peppers that are green, not orange.  I’ve one plant that I have left the bell peppers on longer than the others and they are not turning ornage either.  The sun has partically baked them with a sun spot.  As I said in an eariler post I can’t eat green bell peppers so I’ll be giving these way.
     I’ve yet to get gas for my new (replacement) tiller so the garden is a bit grass.  I am thankful that most of the grass growing amoungst the plants is crabgrass so it is easy to pull up.
The potato plants are still greenish; there is one in the garden that is still flowering.  I can’t believe that, but there it is. :O)
     I was watering the green beans and picking them at the same time Friday night.  I only got 3 pts. and one 1/2 pt.  So far that makes 13 1/2 pts this year.  The plants are still lush, green and flowering so I’ve hopes yet of canning more than 30 pts.
     The weather is supposed to turn HOTTER (100 degrees plus) with no rain in site for next week.  I see the water bill going up. :O)
     When I water tonight I’m going to put some 10-20-10 fertilizer around the plants.  They look like they could use it.

May YOUR garden produce beyond your expectations.


5 responses to “In The Garden

  1. I’m curious. How long does it take for a green pepper to change color?

    • You know, I don’t know. (shakes head) Mine have been green on the vine for over 3 weeks. Someone told me that they would change as they aged/grew, but no luck. Perhaps someone out there knows if a red or orange pepper starts out red, orange or green. ??

  2. The ones I have planted start out green then turned. Have you ever tried putting tomatoes in the freezer? I set them on a shelf and when frozen I put them in a ziploc bag. To peel put under running water and use. I love them that way because they retain most of the fresh flavor. Found you through Grandparents Plus 2, and want to invite you to join my Saturday link party. It says for Grandparents but you just need to be an ‘older’ blogger. We are the same age by the way. Your blog has also inspired a post that I will be posting this coming Friday. Glad to have found you 🙂

    • I am sorry I missed your Saturday link party I’ve been busy all weekend digging potatoes,canning and washing clothes. I’ve not had many minutes to devote to my computer. I posted last night and I was half asleep. :O/ I’ve never tried freezing my tomatoes whole. I usually peel, de-seed, cut them up and place them in a freezer bag. I lay it flat and squeeze out all the air. I freeze it that way. I get that fresh flavor this way too. Thanks for finding me. I’ve enjoyed reading your Blog.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, my Saturday link up is open until Monday nights if you want. My folks are from AR and my dad lived in Golden by Booneville for several years. Your blog made me feel homesick for AR, and yet I have never lived there. Love the pics of all the growing good things.

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